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ICW 2022 programme

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We’re please to announce our programme for International Coaching Week 2022.  Full information is on the dedicated webpage and you can book through Eventbrite. Sessions are free for members of Coaching York and a nominal £10.00 inc vat for those yet to join. See our offer when you you sign up now through to end…

Therapeutic Coaching

What is Therapeutic Coaching? Therapeutic coaching is an approach to personal change that harnesses the different but complementary powers of coaching and psychotherapy in a single way of working. This brief piece explains how therapeutic coaching relates to its parent disciplines, describes how it works in practice, and indicates the kinds of people for whom, and…

What’s in a name? Peter Lumley reflects on the name “Coaching.”

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Are you a tomato or a tennis ball?

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Janette Poole shares from her webinar on fruit, sport, rivers, and resilience. Which way do you bounce? The focus of my recent webinar was exploring whether you’re more of a tomato or a tennis ball when it comes to resilience.  The word resilience comes from the Latin ‘resilire’ which means ‘to leap back’; this is…

The Power Of Coaching With Nature

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During International Coaching week I was delighted to share two webinars on The Power of Coaching With Nature.  Given the challenging times that we are all going through with COVID-19, it seems to me that now more than ever people need to be able to get out into nature and learn to re-connect with themselves. …

Maintaining Positive Energy and Emotion in these Challenging Time

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Maintaining Positive Energy and Emotion in these Challenging Times In his 2020 ICW webinar, Jez shares his experience of life in lockdown, what he discovered there, and how that can support resilience in any challenging time. Managing your own emotional bunting How many days have we been in lockdown? I have lost count. How many…

Coaching Walk at York Minster by Geoff Ashton


Twelve Minster volunteers joined Geoff Ashton on a coaching walk around the Minster that led them on a personal, shared, and spiritual journey of discovery. The walk stopped at 4 points (West Window, Chapter House, Rose Window and Great East Window) to reflect and to look at the Minster with fresh eyes.  Geoff writes: ‘’In…

Coaching for Inclusion by Joanne Rule

Coaching for Inclusion

I always enjoy hearing the stories of people who become coaches. What informs our  ‘being coaches’, is surely as much our personal histories, as our training and practice?  We bring all of ourselves and our passions into play. One of my passions has been working on inclusion and human rights in healthcare. Presenting on this…

Brief Coaching by Professor Bob Garvey

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