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2022 videos

David Britten

Working with Emotions - David Britten


David Britten explores how, in coaching, we manage difficult emotions, and harness the constructive energy that emotions hold.  (36 mins)


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International Coaching Week 2021

Steve Gorton picture

Re-igniting your team's synergistic spark - Steve Gorton


Steve Gorton of Enabling Development, outlines the 3 A's model of Alignment Accountability and Action, to show how teams can define and then enact their high performing ethos.   (28 mins)


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Jeremy Lewis

Developing eco-centric leadership - Jeremy Lewis


Jeremy Lewis of Grow the Coach, shares facts, approaches, models, and practical resources to enable you to begin to lead your organisation’s response to the climate crisis and ti influence and create change in your personal and professional life.  (26 mins)

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Fear of being "found out" holding you back? - Margaret Inglesant


If you ever felt that 'fear of being found out' is holding you back, you could be a victim of imposter syndrome. Margaret Inglesant, Inspire UK, explains what this is, how you can identify it, and how to respond to it when it appears.  (25 mins)

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Rob Cooper B&W

Re-igniting Your Career - Rob Cooper



Rob Cooper and Pat O'Kane of 2B People, address the question: "Am I still in the right place?" This workshop, relevant at any time, provides tools and  practical help to review your career and develop plans and strategies for a brighter future!  (35 mins)

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Bob-Garvey- 1

Coaches in Conversation - Bob Garvey


Facilitated by Geoff Ashton this is a wide-ranging and freewheeling exploration of contemporary and cutting edge coaching issues with one of our foremost coaching theorists and practitioners.  (41 mins)

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Bryony Rowntree picture

Mental Health in the Coaching Space - Bryony Rowntree



Bryony Rowntree, a qualified mental health first aider, shares experience, expertise and insights to improve the work of anyone who uses a coaching approach in the mental health and well being space.  (23 mins)

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tom and geoff picture

Return Reconnect Rebuild : Future-proof your workplace Tom Wright and Geoff Ashton


Drawing on the experience of clients and colleagues, Tom and Geoff show how the metaphor of rituals can be applied practically to your teams emerging from lockdown and future-proof the working culture to face future challenges.  (30 mins)

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Dave Algeo

Sweating the Right Sprouts Positive Coping In Times of Challenge - David Algeo


Stress (ed) guru Dave Algeo's interactive presentation provides a host of memorable and practical tools to help you cope more positively with set-backs, stress, and day to day demands that affect your well-being.  (39 mins)

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DebbieC and Phil M

The importance of staff wellbeing - Debbie Connors and Phil Marsland



HR professionals and coaches Debbie Connors and Phil Marsland reveal steps to a simple strategy and action plan showing how to make staff wellbeing a priority, the cost/benefits of doing it, and the legal implications of doing nothing.  (41 mins)

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duncan lewis

Speak Out! How to make an emotional connection in communication - Duncan Lewis


A communications master class with Duncan Lewis of Eaglei. Duncan shows how you can be your best self more authentically and consistently through the confidence to Speak Out and display more of your complete personality.  (51 mins)

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Videos from 2020

Steve Gorton picture

Leading through uncertainty - Steve Gorton and Geoff Ashton


What do you do when there's no expert to ask? Learns how to apply six tools from the Adaptive Leadership approach which will give you the skills to navigate successfully any period of uncertainty.  (34 mins)


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Rob Cooper B&W

How to stand out in the job market - Rob Cooper



Are you in a career transition - facing redundancy or just looking for a change? Find out where you are in that transition, develop a personal brand, understand the visible and hidden job market and take five steps to a better future.  (32 mins)


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The Rainbow Model for Coaching - Margaret Inglesant


Are looking to work with a straightforward, insightful, powerful and intuitive coaching approach? Margaret shares the background content of the RAINBOW model and shares how she has applied this with clients and in a significant personal transition of her own.  (22 mins)

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Bryony Rowntree picture

Put your gas mask on first - Bryony Rowntree



Why is self-care so important, and so hard, for leaders? A highly practical and interactive webinar through which you will discover the temperature of the water you are sitting in, understanding where you are  being proactive and reactive, and finding the space you need to breathe.  (42 mins)

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Bob-Garvey- 1

International Mentoring Association - Expert Interview - Bob Garvey


Bob Garvey explores current developments in coaching research and theory, and trends towards greater hybridisation of coaching and mentoring, and how this affect what a coachee/mentee could expect or experience from our helping conversations.  (39 mins)


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John Gray 1

"Super supervision" - the coach's tool for continuous improvement - John Gray


What's the real value of coaching supervision? How do you prepare yourself for a supervisory session? What makes supervision important for you and your clients? Share in this thinking space with John and other coaches to enable you to enjoy the "super" benefits of supervision.  (18 mins)


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Sean_Ellis 1

Construct a more dynamic you - Sean Ellis


A practical introduction to Constructed Development Theory developed by Dr Darren Stevens.  Discover the concept of dynamic intelligence, how it can be measured, and - how your habituated thinking styles can give you more choice over how to respond to your environment.  (22 mins)


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Debbie Connors 1

Dealing with Uncertainty: A Generative Approach for you and your business - Debbie Connors


Insights into the Generative Approach to coaching through which you will discover how to remain focused, centred, and how to become more resilient in times of pressure and change.  (42 mins)


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Zoom up your conversations - Margaret Inglesant



Join Margaret in this practical demonstration of how to make the most of the latest Zoom features (November 2020), and how how to use these for the benefits of your teams and coaching clients.  (30 mins)


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Rob Cooper B&W

Using LinkedIn to promote your brand - Rob Cooper


Rob gives a host of valuable tips on how to use Linkedin to promote your personal and professional brand, improve networking through connections and reconnections, leverage the valuable information on the platform, to find or advertise opportunities for work.  (45 mins)


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Nigel Birchall

The Myth of the New Normal: adapting to uncertainty - Nigel Burchell and Geoff Ashton:


At the end of the pandemic, what do you want to be remembered for? Personal reflections from the experience of the first phase of the pandemic, lessons learned that can be applied in any period of crisis, and principles to embed in your organisation to prepare you for future challenges.  (34 mins)

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Harriet Kretschmar 1

How to become a mindful leader in agile times - Harriet Kretschmar


How can a mindful approach to leadership make a positive difference in volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous times? Harriet shares practical approaches, an interactive exercise, and a case study from Bavaria, all based on soundly evidenced theory and practice.  (43 mins)


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Julia Felton picture

The power of coaching with nature - Julia Felton


How can understanding the natural world, reflecting on it, and interacting with it, help us better manage change and challenge? Julia helps us engage with these questions through personal insights and a five step nature coaching process.  (56 mins)

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Bob-Garvey- 1

Coaching ain't what it used to be - Bob Garvey


Join the conversation and Professor Bob Garvey poses questions about our coaching approaches, expectations of ourselves and clients, and new directions in coaching emerging from current research.  (52 mins)

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