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Coaching York’s membership includes professional coaches, people who use coaching in their work or vocation, or who are supporters of coaching methodology. We form a generous and supportive community with a focus on building connections, supporting personal development, and helping release potential in ourselves and those we work with.

We connect and share through a variety of formal and informal events, professional development opportunities and social media. We are an inclusive organisation - so please do join us!

Individual summary biography details of our members can be found below.

As a social enterprise, we have a Board of Directors and an Executive Committee who work with members to run and set the direction of the organisation.

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Rebecca Tickell Coaching York
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Helen Thorburn

"Being a member of CY comes with both interesting opportunities to contribute and the responsibility to play a part in helping with local community development. I value occasions to meet with like-minded people. Knowing that there is a ‘local tribe’ you can belong to certainly makes a difference."

Dr Ira Laketic-Ljubojevic from I Realised Coaching and Consulting Ltd