Member Mentor Scheme

Member Mentor Scheme

MEMBER BENEFIT: Thanks to our volunteers who are willing to help fellow Coaching York members upskill. You can find out more about each potential mentor via the CY people page of the website. Where you feel you could benefit from their offering please send a message to and we will connect you.

Steve Gorton picture

Steve Gorton


Company formation

Contract models

Commercial T&Cs for coaching consultancy

Conversations around coaching (sounding board rather than supervision)

As a founder member and subsequently director of Coaching York Ltd I led the incorporation process and put together our commercial terms and contracts/pricing so where you are wanting to strengthen your own offering  I have some experience to share.

First training as a coach in 1996 and working across sectors and organisations from local SMEs to global companies I may be able to help you think things through for a better outcome. 


Margaret Inglesant

Leadership and Management skills

Developing a business

Career coaching

Networking and personal skills

Developing confidence and building better business and work relationships

I’m Margaret Inglesant and I’m a self-employed Coach and Mentor and support Leaders & Managers in achieving their personal and professional development goals.

First and foremost I’m passionate about 121 Coaching and the benefits it can bring to people’s lives at work and home. I also run Coaching Workshops, Business Mentoring programmes and I use the WAVE suite of Psychometric test packages to support Leadership & Management development. I am a founder of Inspiring Women on The Yorkshire Coast, a network with the aim of connecting women in work, business and life, encouraging and supporting them to collaborate for success.

I have over 30 years in Operational Management, working at Senior level in the recruitment industry, public sector and retail.

Rob Cooper colour

Rob Cooper


Making best use of LinkedIN for your coaching practice/business

I have a very good working knowledge of Linked in and have run a number of Linked In workshops in a variety of different contexts. I can offer a detailed understanding of:

  • The essence of a good profile
  • How to develop your network
  • How to use Linked In to gain new clients
Geoff Ashton

Geoff Ashton


What kind of coach are you? A chance to take stock.

At various points in our coaching practice - whether we are free lance, working in a business, or exploring how we use coaching in daily life - we start to ask the question “What do I actually do when I coach?” It’s a question I regularly explore with other coaches.

Contact me if you would like an hour to explore:

  • The kind of coach you are
  • What happens when you coach people and what else would you like to happen?
  • Who you work with, and who you are drawn to
  • What kind of coach are you becoming?


Tom Wright photo

Tom Wright



Public speaking

Tom Wright is a theatre director, trainer and coach. Over the last twenty years he has combined his skill sets to provide group training and one-on-one support on public speaking and presentation skills to businesses and professionals.

He can provide practical tips and skills to enable people to overcome nerves in speaking, to use your body and voice to powerfully and confidently communicate your message, and how to use simple storytelling structures to give every presentation maximum impact.

He has taught public speaking as part of the University of York’s Strategic Leadership Programme and to companies including PWC, Slaughter and May, British Airways and Ahli Bank.

Rachel Anderson

Rachel Anderson

Deciding on “niche” and target market for clients

Pros and cons of using social media for marketing

Finding the right business model/portfolio to suit you (eg associate work/private practice, subscription model, online offerings and training, levels of automation and list building, marketing methods)

Beartraps for newbie coaches (I think I’ve fallen into them all over the years)

Tips on all aspects of 1:1 coaching (I’m NOT a supervisor, but in my past role as Head of Coaching & Facilitation I was support to my team of 90 coaches)

Online tools that help support your coaching business (eg Freeagent for accounts, integrated with Dext for receipts, Thrivecart for payments, MemberVault as a platform for courses and products, Book Like a Boss for online calendar and events, ActiveCampaign as an Autoresponder, Sendspark for little video messages, WordPress with Divi theme for website, Dropbox for files, Trello for content planning, Otter for transcribing, Kindle Direct Publishing to self-publish notebooks and book/ebook).


Kelen Beauchamp

Kelen Beauchamp

MURAL: useful virtual tool to visually engage participants in groups or 1-2-1 work.

Career Development: Linked in basics, C.V. best practice or Career visioning.

Leadership, Management and Team Development

Team Coaching and Group Coaching:


As a former Senior Leader who specialised in Management and Leadership, I have the knowledge of the theories and the experiences of working with those theories.  I can support a range of challenges from how best to influence or how handle difficult conversations to how to inspire and engage a hybrid team.

Trained in both Group and Team Coaching, I’m happy to share ideas, discuss the differences between them or help someone pull a plan together – what they are and what they aren’t.

Jackie Black

Jackie Black


Helping you digitialise your business

Strategies for leading teams across distance

Doing business across cultures and nations

As a digital expert, I can help build confidence and share my knowledge with those wanting to digitalise their business. My focus is on good virtual communication skills and remote leadership; helping people to do their work more efficiently and manage the stress which comes from working from home.

I offer strategies for leading teams across distance: onboarding new staff, maintaining team focus, increasing productivity, keeping people in the loop etc.

I am a qualified interculturalist so can advise on doing business with international companies or working in multi-cultural teams. I have tools to help people understand their cultural orientation.

Please note I do not have technical expertise in specific software but can advise on how to use online platforms like Teams, Zoom, Adobe Connect, Go To Meetings etc. for coaching and webinars

Jackie Evans

Jackie Evans


Positivity and confidence building.

Are you asking yourself if it is easier to carry on in the same old way?  Experience has shown me that the ability to move forward is often thwarted by a lack of confidence.

What can you expect from my mentoring experience?

My varied work history and transferrable skills underpin my mentoring.

My first career was in the fashion trade, as a pattern cutter.  After redundancy and raising a family, I undertook numerous part-time employments, followed by a 20+ years in administration, obtaining a 2:1 BA (hons) in Business Management, training to become a Coach/Mentor and co-founding Experience Counts (York) CIC.  I am a Trustee.

My transferrable skills include excellent communication; organisation; attention to detail; problem solving.

I offer a safe place in which to build confidence, supporting the mentee to achieve their goals by agreeing appropriate steps.

Mick Fleming

Mick Fleming


Working with Veterans and Service Personnel?

Having enjoyed a career in the armed forces spanning over 30 years, I am happy to support anyone who may benefit from developing their understanding of the service experience when coaching or mentoring serving personnel or veterans. I can also shed light on the challenges encountered during the inevitable transitioning from service and signpost other support agencies that may be of use to you.

As a coach I continue to support the veterans’ community, specifically those who are engaged within the Help for Heroes recovery programme.

Kathryn Keith

Kathryn Keith


Group Coaching - choosing the right approach to match the group members

Personal Development Plans - meaningful, powerful and actionable

Kathryn helps people choose the right group coaching approach to support learning and reflection for groups of people working together on real problems

Kathryn is a capable mentor who makes a positive, lasting difference to the knowledge, confidence and value of the mentee to help them open up their world of possibilities.

In a world where success depends on adapting and respond quickly, Kathryn helps individuals recognise, adjust to, and connect different personal styles and perceptions of those involved. She signposts leaders to acquire a holistic and balanced approach to motivating, empowering and engaging others more quickly.

Kathryn believes that continual self-reflection and improvement is key to remaining sincere and credible. She provides support to develop a meaningful, powerful and actionable PDP taking into consideration past experiences, learning styles and personal values.

berrisford lewis 1

Berrisford Lewis

 Strategies to dramatically generate more clients and double your profit

45 minutes covering 3 of the 10 strategies in the profit accelerator

Have you generated all the revenue and profit you wanted in 2020? Are you looking to generate more revenue and profit in 2021 than you did in 2020? As a business owner, coach or consultant revenue and profit are crucial to the success of your business. Using 10 simple, effective, tried and tested strategies I can show you how to quickly and easily generate more clients, revenue and profit.

You can benefit from my process with little or no cost to implement these strategies into your business. When you learn to implement these 10 strategies they increase your business success and enhance your life as well. If you are interested and want to find out more email me: in the subject title write: “Generate More Clients, Revenue and Profit”.

Stephen Peacock

Stephen Peacock

Planning time management and prioritisation

Improving performance

Having developed strong experience in project management with my previous career, I would offer to mentor anyone who considers that they need help in planning, time management, meeting deadlines, improving prioritisation. This area has been a recurring theme with a number of clients I have worked with recently and feedback has been very positive regarding the progress and improvements they have made.

Additionally, I can work with individuals to improve overall performance generally, based on them gaining a much better perspective of what is getting in their way (interference) in achieving their goals and helping them understand if their goals are actually what they really desire. In many cases during a conversation it becomes clearer for a client that what they actually want to achieve is not what they originally thought.

Kate Pearlman Shaw

Kate Pearlman-Shaw

Leadership development methodologies

Thinking through team facilitation

Behaviour change methods for you or your clients

Small business set up and review of vision, direction and strategy

As a Chartered Psychologist and Behaviour Change specialist I am pleased to be offer mentoring on these topics having worked 1-1 and with groups and teams on behaviour change both in the Clinical and Business / Leadership environments for over 30 years, first as a Clinical Psychologist and since 2005, supporting leadership development through coaching, facilitation and consultancy.

Most recently, I have run an associate pool for a large consultancy and since 2019, been successfully running my own business.

I can offer 1-2 hours per month.

Janette Poole photo

Janette Poole




Team development. 


I’ve working in this area for about 25 years and use a range of tools, models and experience to support coachees.  If you’re coaching managers around specific issues I’d be pleased to share any knowledge that might add to your coaching practice for example around difficult conversations/feedback, managing conflict, dysfunctional teams, delegation, building trust, managing workplace stress, resilience.

In terms of team development I’ve got experience of using Lencioni, Tuckman and Belbin team development models in practice.  I’m accredited to deliver PRINT and DiSC profiling tools and I’m very happy to share my knowledge of them (although there is a cost for completing a profile if you want to).  I’ve also got experience in employee engagement processes, application and action planning.

Bryony Rowntree picture

Bryony Rowntree

Support around working with:

1) clients' mental health - knowing our limits as coaches and how we can work safely with clients regarding their mental health

2) embodiment and body intelligence - getting clients out of their heads, helping them to raise awareness of the huge amount of information they hold in their body; using their body to help them reach their goals; and even working with your body awareness to develop as a coach.


Louise Sanderson

Louise Sanderson

Help with public speaking and presenting

DISC personality profiling (especially with a view to working better in teams)



Volunteers to be a Life Coaching client for 30 minutes to record a practical assessment for my Coaching Academy diploma

Any opportunity to see a qualified coach in action.


Having taught in secondary schools for 33 years I have coached and mentored many students and student teachers. Public speaking was not always an enjoyable experience for me, but leading schoolassemblies and training with Toastmasters and Tearfund changed that. Now I enjoy delivering talks, presentations, and leading workshops and I am keen to pass on these skills.

Since taking early retirement last year I have gained DISC Personality Profiling accreditation with The Coaching Academy and I’m completing their Life Coaching Diploma. I’m particularly interested in coaching with Christian organisations. I am a CAP Money Coach and a Community Money Advice mentor working as a volunteer in the new CMA Hull and East Riding Connect Centre.

Michelle Smith

Michelle Smith


Charity and social sector - governance, accounting and development

Setting up and managing mentoring schemes

 With experience in the social sector and charity finance, I can offer mentoring support in governance, accounting systems and other charity specific areas of development.

I am also able to offer help in the setting up and management of mentoring schemes.


Helena Territt

Helena Territt


Diversity and Inclusion - (especially neurodiversity and ADHD)

Team building and psychological safety

Building line manager capability, employee engagement and corporate wellbeing

Challenging working relationships

Industrial relations and working with Trade Unions

I spent many years working at a senior level in diversity and colleague engagement within global FTSE companies and the public sector. I can mentor in anything related to Diversity & Inclusion (especially neurodiversity and ADHD coaching), team building and psychological safety (I am qualified by Amy Edmondson’s Fearless Organisation to run the psychological safety index diagnostic tool).

I can also help with building line manager capability, employee engagement and corporate wellbeing.

I have a lot of experience of working with trade unions and navigating difficult working relationships and (not necessarily related to this) using mindfulness in coaching and organisations.

Richard Vaughan

Richard Vaughan

Business Model Canvas / Business Planning

A great structured way to help think about your ideal coaching clients, the value you create and the business capabilities you need to complement your coaching skills. I ask mentees to work through the Canvas which I can provide on a virtual whiteboard in Mural ahead of our conversation together.

The Canvas links naturally to business planning and marketing which I’m also happy to spend time discussing.

The Business Model Canvas is a strategic management template used for developing new business models and documenting existing ones. It offers a visual chart with elements describing a firm's or product's value proposition, infrastructure, customers, and finances, assisting businesses to align their activities by illustrating potential trade-offs. The nine "building blocks" of the business model design template that came to be called the Business Model Canvas were initially proposed in 2005 by Alexander Osterwalder. (Wikipedia)

Adele Clough Profile Photo

Adele Clough


As a Radio Presenter, I can mentor and inspire you around doing live or pre-recorded radio interviews or podcasts.  Of particular interest might be:

  • Guidance and advice around approaching radio stations/ podcast hosts and what to pitch to them. The best times to approach them.
  • How to engage listeners and get your message across by tailoring your speech to use accessible and inviting language.
  • The benefits of focusing on energy and tone.
  • Writing your script and practicing your interview.
  • The practicalities of pacing your speech.
  • Overcoming nerves and practical preparation to give a great interview.
  • Working through feelings of Imposter Syndrome or increasing confidence.
  • Setting up a new podcast; what low-cost equipment is needed, how to record and edit.
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