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We coach individuals, organisations and communities to develop the skills, confidence and belief they need to make positive and sustainable change.

We offer paid-for as well as gift-in-kind coaching whilst helping to build new partnerships between different types of organisation.  As Coaching York Limited we are proud to operate as a social enterprise.

"Coaching York is a community asset, a social enterprise enabling people to
have new and different conversations in their communities. City of York
Council have benefited from their advice as we have developed coaching
skills to support our organisational development"

Nigel Burchell, Workforce Development Manager, City of York Council

We are a connected network of local coaches and coaching advocates. Coaches who are qualified or in training plus those with an interest in coaching can join our growing membership and gain access to a vibrant programme of education and professional development.

Coaching York members have the opportunity to connect with colleagues, increase their expertise and shape the future growth of Coaching York.  We are a collaborative, supportive community helping and supporting one another.

“You will be joining what is probably the most active and best coaching group in the UK,”

Professor Bob Garvey, Hon President

We run a bi-monthly events programme for members plus a twice yearly  open programme designed to benefit the wider business and not for profit community.  The theme for w/c 9 November is "Growing through uncertainty - a week of online events"


“There is a richness of education and professional development for coaches here in York. Through our events diary, we make it visible at a glance.  We also encourage more coaches to lead events.”   

Catherine Adamson

Coaching York’s members are professional coaches or supporters of coaching methodology.  We connect face-to-face and through social media with each other and with people looking for a coach.  Every member is invited to post a brief biography. To see who we are and what we offer, look at our CY People page.

“When I moved from London to York it felt like the most wonderful serendipity to find this thriving community of coaches to join.  I love being able to make things happen under the CY umbrella!”  

Joanne Rule

Recent Posts

Growing through uncertainty – online events 9 – 13 November

In response to the uncertainty that continues to test and challenge us and our organisations, our members are coming together to share tips, tools, knowledge and information about how to manage during these times whilst continuing to move forward. We are covering a wide range of issues that are highly relevant as we adapt to…

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Mindfulness in the workplace

If you didn’t get the chance to dial into Harriet Kretschmar’s webinar on How to become a mindful leader in agile times, here it is! Some great concepts and case study from Germany. Thanks Harriet.

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September 23 member meeting

Our six weekly engagement programme is now up and running from August 13th with the aim to provide networking and showcasing for members throughout the year. September 23rd is our next member only event via Zoom. There are two sessions available which will provide time to connect with colleagues and focus on using social media…

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What’s in a name? Peter Lumley reflects on the importance and significance of our names, and the name “Coaching.”

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Are you a tomato or a tennis ball?

Janette Poole shares from her webinar on fruit, sport, rivers, and resilience. Which way do you bounce? The focus of my recent webinar was exploring whether you’re more of a tomato or a tennis ball when it comes to resilience.  The word resilience comes from the Latin ‘resilire’ which means ‘to leap back’; this is…

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Online catch up 13 August 2020

  Join us online on August 13th as we support each other through the Covid-19 crisis As part of more regular engagement following the success of ICW we are offering an online opportunity to share thinking and to help generate forward plans and ideas as we support each other through the continuing challenges of the…

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The Power Of Coaching With Nature

During International Coaching week I was delighted to share two webinars on The Power of Coaching With Nature.  Given the challenging times that we are all going through with COVID-19, it seems to me that now more than ever people need to be able to get out into nature and learn to re-connect with themselves. …

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Professor Bob Garvey : Coaching Ain’t What It Used To Be

From Bob's ICW 2020 webinar.

The shifting meaning of ‘coaching’ Both from experience and from research, it is clear that the meaning of coaching is shifting. This is not really surprising as coaching is a social construction and as such it is constructed by people from practice! Much of what is said about coaching is written or spoken in terms…

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Maintaining Positive Energy and Emotion in these Challenging Time

Maintaining Positive Energy and Emotion in these Challenging Times In his 2020 ICW webinar, Jez shares his experience of life in lockdown, what he discovered there, and how that can support resilience in any challenging time. Managing your own emotional bunting How many days have we been in lockdown? I have lost count. How many…

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Tom Wright’s video for Indie York

Tom Wright is one of  a number of our members who are supporting Indie York (York Independent businesses, https://www.indieyork.co.uk/ ). Tom produced this video to introduce our offer to the c 200 members of Indie York. Thanks Tom.

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