Coaching York is a flourishing community of coaches serving the community

We are a social enterprise

We coach individuals, organisations and communities, to develop the skills, confidence and belief they need to make positive and sustainable change. In this way, we act as a catalyst in our communities.  We are a not-for-profit group, offering paid-for as well as gift-in-kind coaching and helping to build new partnerships between very different types of organisation. 

Work with Us

“Coaching York is a community asset, a social enterprise enabling people to
have new and different conversations in their communities. City of York
Council have benefited from their advice as we have developed coaching
skills to support our organisational development”

Nigel Burchell, Workforce Development Manager, City of York Council

We are a connected community of local coaches and coaching enthusiasts. Our open and growing membership has access to a vibrant programme of education and professional development.

Join Us

“You will be joining what is probably the most active and best coaching group in the UK,”

Professor Bob Garvey, Patron

Members are encouraged to take part, to expand the range of professional development and to shape the future growth of Coaching York. Everything we do to grow and support this coaching community is run by ourselves.


“There is a richness of education and professional development for coaches here in York. Through our events diary, we make it visible at a glance.  We also encourage more coaches to lead events or join the education group,”   

Catherine Adamson, CY CPD group

Coaching York’s community work as professional coaches or are coaching enthusiasts.  We connect face-to-face and through social media with each other and with people looking for a coach.  Every member is invited to post a brief biography. To see who we are and what we offer, look at our CY People page.

CY People

“When I moved from London to York it felt like the most wonderful serendipity to find this thriving community of coaches to join.  I love being able to make things happen under the CY umbrella!”  

Joanne Rule, CY communications group.

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