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Tuesday 9 May

Steve Gorton picture

More Blah, Blah, Blah and less meaningful action? An exploration led by Steve Gorton

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This conversation is for everyone in our role of world citizens who have a timescale of more than ten years!

You’ll come away from the session with a greater sense of possibility about how you can influence a positive change in this critical context which affects us all.

Climate change has been recognized by the United Nations as “one of the greatest challenges of our time"  The significant effects of climate change in 2022 brought home to many people around the world that “something needs to be done”.  In which case who should get involved?

For many of our clients longer term impact and legacy forms an important aspect of their development.

If coaches are about helping clients make choices for the longer term

  • What are we individually doing about the climate challenge?
  • What is OUR role as coaches?
  • Which frameworks could help us have more powerful conversations?

Using the March 2023 IPCC report as a springboard, this open café explores how we could introduce aspects of sustainability, legacy and climate issues into our coaching conversations and practice.

Steve Gorton of Enabling Development helps people enhance the quality of their thinking, make the change from managers to transformational leaders of high performing teams and operate more strategically.

Through his role as an executive coach from 1996 and working across sectors from SMEs to large corporates, he is particularly interested in helping people find their space to explore possibilities for growth and deliver real value.  He is passionate about caring for the planet and really glad had solar panels installed in 2011!

Additionally he is a founder Director and Company Secretary of Coaching York and has tutored MBA strategy and allied subjects over the past couple of decades.

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Geoff Ashton picture

Coaching Round Table: What I never knew about coaching - until I coached as a volunteer – Geoff Ashton

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What have we discovered about coaching, that we only discovered because we volunteered?

In this session of the Coaching Round Table we will explore our experiences of coaching as volunteers. Who did we work with that we wouldn’t have otherwise worked with through our normal professional practice?  What new challenges did we face as coaches and how did we address them? And thinking about the people we worked with, how do coachees respond differently to volunteer as opposed to contracted coaches?

Overall, what value has volunteer coaching added to us as coaches?


Geoff Ashton is a Director and social entrepreneur at Coaching York Ltd, and a former Head of Employer Insight at DWP where he employed behavioural economic theories in the development of public policy and operational delivery. Geoff chairs a monthly “Round Table” of coaches and coach supervisors where he has “road tested” this seminar subject.

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Run and Deliver your own Coaching Retreat - Margaret Inglesant


19:00 - 20:15  Book here

Have you ever considered running your own Coaching Retreat?

Hear my experiences of setting up and delivering a Coaching retreat.  I’ll cover 6 main points and you’ll have the opportunity to ask questions.

  • Structuring the Coaching Sessions
  • Planning the Overall Retreat Content
  • Calculating costings
  • Promotion and Marketing
  • Logistics
  • Delivery

If you’d like further information on attending a retreat or maybe using Villa Azul to deliver your own retreat then there will be time following the meeting to chat about this.

Margaret Inglesant For the last 9 years I‘ve run my own Coaching company “Inspire UK”.

In October 2020, in the middle of the pandemic, my husband and I emigrated to Portugal, buying and refurbing a villa - Villa Azul

During the Summer months we now rent out individual rooms in Villa Azul on a B & B basis and we also rent out the whole ground floor of the villa, pool and gardens on an exclusive use basis.

In September 2022 we hosted our first Coaching Retreat, bringing together my two passions - Coaching and Villa Azul!  As you can see from the photo we had an amazing time and everyone left with a clear action plan and feeling fully recharged and refreshed.

In February 2023 we hosted our first Corporate training away day and this is something we aim to develop alongside future retreats.

This is me!

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Wednesday 10 May

Conference - Coaching York's first decade and into the next 

Venue:  Fulford Room, St Saviourgate CMC, York, YO1 8NQ


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1045 – 1105: Arrival and Coffee

1105 - 1115: Intro

1115 – 1220: Broad Spectrum Coaching led by Bob Garvey

Provocation questions for open space discussion around the following themes.

  • Scope of coaching over last decade. How has the answer to the question “What is coaching?” "What has changed?"
  • Suppose everything you know about coach education was wrong. How do coaches really learn and develop their skills?
  • Synthesis – coaching into the next decade. What developments do we need to be ready to respond to? What will the ‘generational’ coaching question be in 2033?

1220 – 1230: Plenary conclusions

1230 – 1330: lunch

1330 – 1445: Coaching into the next decade – What will be the ‘generational’ coaching question in 2033 and how will we respond to it? Led by Geoff Ashton and Steve Gorton

In every generation there is a big question or issue that impacts coaching practice. We will consider the current ‘big question’ to predict the likely big question of 2023. We will then explore, in more depth, the challenges and opportunities of coaching in the next decade which we identified with Bob in the morning session. These will include:

For clients

What blend of skills will your coach need to have, to handle the issues you will be facing in 2023?

For coaches

  • With coaching become more recognised as a management approach do we need a new description for the coaching specialist?
  • Will coaching become more specialised or more holistic?
  • Which coaching approaches are most vulnerable to AI?
  • With which other professions will the specialist coach need to partner to meet the challenges of the day?

1445 - 1530: Closing session – led by Geoff Ashton

  • What have we discovered?
  • What will we do with it?
  • What happens when we do?


Bob Garvey is one of Europe’s leading academic practitioners of coaching and mentoring. He is an experienced coach/mentor working with, for example, musicians, HR Managers, small business owners, young people, academics and executives.

Bob has great experience in a whole range of different types of organisations. These include large and small businesses, the public and private sector, voluntary organisation and NGOs. He has worked in many different industries including financial services, manufacturing, scientific, creative arts, education and health. Bob subscribes to the ‘repertoire’ approach to mentoring and coaching.  He is in demand internationally as a keynote conference speaker.

Bob has a PhD from the University of Durham in the UK. He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and has published many books and papers on the practice of coaching and mentoring.  He is a founding member of the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC) and Patron of Coaching York. In 2014, the EMCC presented him with the Mentor award for services to mentoring and also in 2014, he received a life time achievement award for contributions to mentoring.

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Thursday 11 May

Harriet Kretschmar 1

Limiting beliefs can be overcome - Harriet Kretschmar


10:00 - 11:15  Book here

As coaches, we repeatedly encounter limiting beliefs in our clients that keep them from realizing their potential. Surely we too have some of these obstructive beliefs on board. Often it's hindering beliefs that made sense at some point in our lives, but no longer do. In this webinar I would like to show the participants a way to transform these convictions. Of course, this can only be an impulse, because like every transformation, this one also needs practice and patience with oneself. The most important thing is to begin.

Harriet Kretschmar is a freelance Coach based in Munich, Germany, with experience in coaching executives and organisations for over 30 years.
"Among other things I’m a certified Michael Chzechov Acting Technique Teacher ( and Trainer for Mindful Leadership (University Witten-Herdecke). In 2014 I spent three month in York. From that time on I’ve been a member of Coaching York. For me it is particularly important that what is worked out in coaching is actually implemented sustainably by the clients because they have experienced the benefits. I’m married with two adult daughters and a little grandson. My passion is for history, reading and the alpine region."


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Bryony Rowntree picture

Drop out of your head and tap into your physical intelligence – Bryony Rowntree

14:00 - 15:15  Book here

Learn about enhancing the power of your amazing physiology to open up your potential, with simple techniques and a little science.  We can shift so much, in a moment, if we learn how to work with the way we are made.

Bryony Rowntree Having studied Dance Studies and Psychology, Bryony went on to work in healthcare and education, working with people from the beginning to the end of life.  She uses coaching to increase awareness, so that space is created for wiser choice, improving resilience, confidence, alignment, wellbeing, relationships and courage.  Bryony works with people to have a better relationship with themselves, other people and the world around them.  It is important to her to support people who are doing good work in this world, so that they can sustain, be fulfilled and continue to make this world a better place.

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Paul Haynes - photo

Discovering your Personal Purpose through Coaching - Paul Haynes

19:00 - 20:15  Book here


Today’s pace often has us in its grip. We’re always ‘on’. In a loop of task-pace-action: emails, meetings, Zoom calls!

They’re never-ending.

Add in personal and family lives too, and there isn’t a lot of space to consider the bigger questions:

  • What would make me truly happy?
  • What is my own personal purpose?
  • What would I be doing with my time in my ideal career?

It can be easy to stay in ‘task’ loops - they feel so familiar - but doing so might mean we one day look back with regret at moments of unfilled potential.

One of my strongest beliefs is we can all transform our lives and create possibilities to fulfil our potential. So join me in this session where we will begin to explore what, for you, could bring true happiness and success.

Your own, unique personal purpose.

Paul Haynes has spent 10 years honing skills as an executive & team coach; coach supervisor; psychometric facilitator, and speaker on transformative, purpose-led leadership. He champions a strong desire to cultivate courageous and compassionate leadership within organisations.

Centring on transformational change, he empowers others to find their own agency, and the power and purpose to create waves that break through organisational norms.

He is responsible for Executive and Leadership development across NatWest Group; supports members of the LGBT community - recognising the often-hidden pressures experienced personally and professionally, and creates unique opportunities for the formational development of coaches.

Paul creates transformational change for people facing challenges with confidence and resilience; damaged relationships, and limitations caused by negative self talk.

Deep awareness and bold, courageous action are the central tenets of his work.

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Friday 12 May

Rachel Anderson

Practical ways to expand our perspective, thinking and creativity - Rachel Anderson


10:00-11:15  Book here

Have you ever thought that you lack creativity? The truth is that everyone is creative, but we often get in our own way. Stuck in habitual patterns, we get the same old, same old. This session will help you build the right environment for creativity, suspend the judgement that gets in the way, and give you practical, tangible tools that will help you breakthrough to new thinking, possibility and creativity.

Rachel left her first career as a forester, growing trees, to pursue her fascination with how people grow instead.

She became an international executive coach, supporting over 1000 leaders 1:1, before stepping back into a corporate leadership role to see if she could walk the talk. She could...and was also reminded how behaviours in corporate life are often driven by deep, hidden fears of inadequacy and even shame.

Rachel dreams of the possibilities of a world with less shame and fear.

So she returned to her own company, Tea &Empathy, to provoke and hold space for incredible leaders as they grow into themselves, learn they are enough, and feel relaxed and grounded being their natural self. It’s a joyful journey of radical self-acceptance and personal growth.

Rachel still likes trees.

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Anne Marie Crowther

Through loss towards a new life - grief coaching - Anne Marie Crowther


14:00 - 15:15  Book here

'Life is never perfect. We all live some form of Option B.'

Every single person experiences loss in their life, yet many are still uncomfortable with the expression of feelings and thoughts accompanying grief - especially in most Western cultures. Loss is not only related to bereavement but also to events, business & life changes such as relationship break up, becoming a parent, not becoming a parent, career end, bankruptcy, business wind up, menopause, retirement, ill-health or physical injury, war & disaster....

As coaches, often the best approach to working with someone experiencing loss can initially seem contrary to basic rules learned in training and/or our usual way of working. However, coaches are in a unique position to support clients through very personal journeys of pain and growth, freeing them to re-engage with life on new terms. This session will explore some of the ways we can do this.

Anne-Marie Crowther is a personal and professional development coach who specialises in working with initiators, creators and change-makers.  She combines training in management consultancy, coaching and hypnotherapy with hands on experience founding, managing &/or coaching social enterprises, community & third sector organisations.  Her approach is holistic and she is particularly interested in supporting individuals and organisations through change.

This session draws upon an early career as a sports injury rehabilitation coach, more recent experience as a 'bereavement befriender' for a local charity and extensive change consultancy work with boards and founders. She believes supporting clients to mourn option A in a healthy way can free them to pick up their option B with hope.

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