Details of Coaching York's sessions for International Coaching Week 2021

Our theme was Renewal, Reinvention and Respect in the Covid Context

Steve Gorton picture

Re-igniting your team's synergistic spark - Steve Gorton

 10:30 - 11:45 Book here


This last year or so has seen teams move from physical to virtual and many people become used to and preferring homeworking.   As some sense of the new normal comes over the hybrid horizon most organisations are challenged with rebuilding high performing teams (HPTs) for their future success.

During in this interactive session you will:

  • Define YOUR high performing team’s ethos
  • Understand how to create the “sweet spot” of Alignment, Accountability and Action which typify HPTs
  • Measure where your team is now and where you want it to be
  • Generate action steps to make it happen.

With these in place, a true performance culture develops where the team delivers its operational requirements; understands the context in which it now operates and the levers which drive that performance.


Steve Gorton of Enabling Development helps people enhance the quality of their thinking, make the change from managers to transformational leaders of high performing teams and operate more strategically. Through his role as an executive coach from 1996 and working across sectors from SMEs to large corporates, he is particularly interested in helping people find their space to explore possibilities for growth and deliver real value.

Additionally he is a Director of Coaching York and has tutored MBA strategy and allied subjects over the past couple of decades.


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Does fear of being "found out" hold you back? - Margaret Inglesant

13:00 - 14:15    Book here


  • Do you have a successful career but concerned that one day you’ll be “caught out”?
  • Have you ever felt like a fraud in your job/life?
  • Ever told yourself “They must have made a mistake choosing me” or “Who am I to think I could do this?”

If so, you could be a victim of Imposter Syndrome.

What is ‘Imposter Syndrome’?  Is it the same as Self Doubt or a Lack of Confidence?

We’ll explore what ”Imposter Syndrome’ is and how you can recognise it.  We look at the causes and effects and a 3 Step process that you can practice when you are feeling overwhelmed by it.

If you’re going through change (aren’t we all!), or struggling with your sense of identity, particularly at  work, then you’ll find this session useful and informative.

This is an interactive webinar with a short presentation followed by discussion, questions and feedback


I’m Margaret Inglesant, a Senior Practitioner Business & Executive Coach, my Company is Inspire UK.  I’m based in the Algarve, working across the UK and globally, primarily online.  Specialising in 121 Leadership and Management Development, I’m passionate about Coaching.   I offer 121 and Team Coaching and design and deliver bespoke Personal and Professional Development workshops.  I’m a qualified Psychometric OA and OP Assessor, offering testing services and a qualified Trainer offering facilitation services and also work as a Mentor.

I’ve designed a Coaching Model “the Rainbow Model” and developed a set of Rainbow Coaching Cards that can be used by other Coaching professionals, trainers and individuals for self-coaching.


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Rob Cooper colour

Re-igniting Your Career - Rob Cooper


19:00 - 20:00  Book here


Many people have taken the time during the pandemic to think about their careers and whether they are still ‘in the right place’ This workshop will give you the tools and the practical help to review your career and develop plans and strategies for a brighter future!


Rob Cooper of 2B People specializes in helping people to get market-ready for new job roles and changes within their career.  We are a team of five career specialists who can offer valuable help and expertise with CVs, Personal Branding and LinkedIn to help you find your next role quickly.  Our service will provide you with all the support you need, for as long as it takes to get where you want to be.


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Tuesday 18 May

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Mental Health in the Coaching Space - Bryony Rowntree

10:30 - 12:00   Book here


As we all have mental health, it follows that mental health is always in the coaching space. However, this may not have always been obvious.

Over the past year, it has become starkly apparent that not only do we all have mental health but that our mental health is susceptible and fluctuating, just like our physical health.

Coaching is not therapy but we are still holding space for the whole person we are working with. We need to be able to work safely with emotions, not avoiding or fearing them, whilst recognising the boundaries of coaching and when we may need to signpost a coachee on to more appropriate support.

This webinar will provide space for sharing experience and wisdom, learn from each other and apply some new insights and understanding to our practice going forward.


Bryony works with individuals and groups to open up awareness so that space is created for wiser choice, increasing alignment, resilience, confidence, clarity and courage, resulting in improved capacity, relationships, wellbeing and mental health. She does this through 121 and group coaching, team coaching and training and Mental Health First Aid training.

She loves working creatively and to help people to recognising the host of information and intelligence in our bodies. Her background is in health care, antenatal/families and education; having studied dance and psychology back in the day. Bryony’s underling aim is for us to be better connected to ourselves, each other and the planet.

Her ultimate own goal is to have developed deep smile lines in old age.


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Richard McCann

Speaking with Impact - Richard McCann


13:00 - 14:00  Book here


During this masterclass you will not only be inspired by Richard’s legendary and incredibly inspirational presentation but by the end of this session you will understand the following.

  • What it takes to Stand & Deliver in an engaging way. Focussing on Stance, Hands and Upper Body.
  • How and why it’s vitally important to give Eye Contact. If you want to connect with your audience whether it be to 4 in a pitch or 100 at the AGM, you need to look into the eyes of at least those you look at.
  • What it takes to grab the attention of any audience by Starting with Impact. There are countless ways in which you can set yourself apart from others and in this module you will learn a number of devices that are at your disposal.
  • One thing that great speakers posses is the willingness to inject passion and enthusiasm into their presentations.
  • How to speak with Vocal Variety to keep your audience engaged.
  • The important things to consider when speaking to camera.


Richard McCann used to be terrified of speaking but has now delivered almost 3000 keynote presentations.  He certainly knows what it takes to engage an audience both live and through the lens.

Richard is a Times No 1 Bestselling author and has now written 4 books. He’s the founder of the iCan Academy and has worked with organisations across the globe for the last 15 years. He’s an award winning speaker and a Fellow of The Professional Speaking Association and in 2019 was awarded the PSAE (Professional Speaking Award for Excellence).


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Fiona Smith picture

Fresh Air - Fresh Perspective - Fiona Smith


14:00 - 16:00  Book here


Have you noticed when you step outside how you often take deeper breaths? How the extra space makes you feel less contained or stressed? How being outdoors can spark your creativity?

Our need for a connection to the outdoors has been in focus more than ever in the past year, as we have spent increasing time in front of screens indoors. Research has demonstrated that ‘a dose of nature of just two hours per week is associated with better health and psychological wellbeing’*.

How can coaching in the fresh air help coachees and coaches to develop fresh perspectives?

We will meet in the Museum Gardens and ‘walk the talk’, to explore and experience the benefits of coaching outdoors and to consider any challenges to overcome.  Whether you are a leader/manager or a professional coach you will leave with ideas about how this can benefit you and the people you work with.

*Dr Matthew White, University of Exeter, Scientific Reports


Fiona Smith is a coach with extensive business leadership experience, who works collaboratively with individuals, teams and organisations to bring about sustained positive change. She helps people to find their own leadership identity and to become leaders who know how to inspire and engage others at all levels of their organisation.

As both a business leader and a coach she has used the power of the outdoors to inspire more open thinking. This hasn’t just been for coaching sessions, but for example development reviews and team meetings. Even where business leaders were reluctant at first, she has demonstrated to them the tangible benefits of having coaching and other conversations outdoors.


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Wednesday 19 May

tom and geoff picture

Return Reconnect Rebuild : Future-proofing your workplace culture - Tom Wright and Geoff Ashton

10:30 - 11:30   Book here


"Going into the experience of a global pandemic was a unique experience. So will be coming out of one.” Geoff Ashton Co-Chair Coaching York

Where would you start in describing your pandemic experience - furlough, home working, home schooling, shielding, or did you carry on attending your normal place of work?

When you and your colleagues return to work you will bring this diversity of experiences. A successful return will depend on enabling colleagues with different experiences to reconnect successfully in order to rebuild and future-proof your post-covid workplace culture.

Through this webinar you will be able to: 

  • Share and promote understanding of your experiences of the last year.
  • Prepare yourself, and support colleagues, as you identify and address the challenges and opportunities of rebuilding your work place culture.
  • Adapt and refine existing workplace approaches to team and relationship-building to develop a resilient workplace culture, ready to respond to future surprises.


Tom Wright developed his leadership skills working on over 70 high-pressure collaborative projects as a theatre director. He now shares this expertise with businesses and individuals as a communication skills trainer, facilitator and coach. His work is based on the belief that everyone can reveal their own inner wisdom and unique potential with the right support and encouragement. Tom is currently a trainer on the University of York’s Strategic Leadership Program and on programs with h2h, and a coach on the University of York St John’s Executive MBA.

Geoff Ashton is co-chair and a Director of Coaching York. He is a specialist transition coach, helping people to navigate into and through the various seasons of life and career.


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Dave Algeo

Are You Sweating the Right Sprouts? Positive Coping During Challenging Times - David Algeo

13:00 -14:00   Book here

Do you...

  • find that day to day demands affect your well-being?
  • feel that negative stress affects your health?
  • want to cope more positively with setbacks?
  • want to learn practical, ‘no- nonsense’ tools to manage these demanding times more positively?

Then this session is for you...

  • Put stress in its place - the cabbages and stress link
  • Recognise and manage overwhelm more effectively - the cabbage or sprout conundrum
  • Deal with the demands of life, work and these challenging times - Slicing, Dicing and Sweating - positive coping tips
  • Developing a Resilient/‘Self Care’ Focus - meet your ‘inner ????’ (One final secret vegetable)

The session will be engaging, interactive and fun, whilst providing you with practical, no-nonsense tips and tools to implement in your day to day life.


Dave Algeo, Stress(ed) Guru, is an engaging, entertaining speaker, bringing research and experience together in his own unique way to provide a fun and memorable conference session.  With many years as a police officer and leader, Dave has experienced his share of challenges and learned the hard way, how critical it is to develop a genuine resilience and positive mindset. He now shares key tools in using memorable vegetable related metaphors to help others develop their own resilience, support others in doing so and promote positive mentally healthy cultures.


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Re-Connect, Re-Engage and Re-Ignite Your Team - Julia Felton


14:00 -17:00  Book here


How do you recover from the last year? After a challenging year and remote working, most teams are disconnected and exhausted.

We can’t expect our team members just to bounce back as operate as though everything is normal.  Team members have been through turmoil and need time and space to process what has happened over the  last year. They need to let go of what was, in order to move forward.

Join me and my herd of horses as in this taster session we show you how to re-engage, re-ignite and re-connect so that you can get clarity on what’s next and move forward with renewed confidence and certainty.

*We practice Covid-secure processes outdoors with social distancing so numbers are limited to 12 participants. Ask us for more information*


Julia Felton is the Lead Impact Igniter at Business HorsePower. Leaders hire her to unlock their own hidden potential and that of their team, so they can create workplaces that are fun, engaging and productive. Places where people want to come to work because everyone is aligned behind a shared vision and purpose.

Julia believes that business can be a force for good and now more than ever than we need leaders who can galvanise others into action to create a better world through the power of purpose where connection, collaboration and community become the guiding principles of success.


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Thursday 20 May

Jeremy Lewis

Developing eco-centric leadership - Jeremy Lewis


10:30 - 12:00   Book here


Why is leading your organisation’s response to the climate crisis so daunting?  What practical actions can you implement?  And how can you take environmental responsibility to influence and create change in your personal and professional life?

In this webinar, Executive Coach Jeremy J Lewis sets out the challenges of moving towards eco-centric leadership and how getting a coach is essential to help you on your journey.

Jeremy is an executive coach, team coach and coach supervisor.  He works with senior professionals to develop their leadership influence and confidence and is particularly interested in working with leaders who are facing into their organisation’s response to the climate crisis.  Jeremy is an Accredited Coach at Senior Practitioner Level with the European Mentoring and Coaching Council.  He is also a member of the Climate Coaching Alliance, a global movement dedicated to bringing climate issues into coaching and leadership development.


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Rob Cooper colour

Re-igniting Your Career - Rob Cooper


13:00 - 14:00  Book here


Many people have taken the time during the pandemic to think about their careers and whether they are still ‘in the right place’ This workshop will give you the tools and the practical help to review your career and develop plans and strategies for a brighter future!

Rob Cooper of 2B People specializes in helping people to get market-ready for new job roles and changes within their career.  We are a team of five career specialists who can offer valuable help and expertise with CVs, Personal Branding and LinkedIn to help you find your next role quickly.  Our service will provide you with all the support you need, for as long as it takes to get where you want to be.


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DebbieC and Phil M

The importance of staff wellbeing - Debbie Connors and Phil Marsland



19:00 - 20:00  Book here


Post pandemic and the impact on working practices, there is now a very real need and urgency to make staff wellbeing a priority, maybe even a moral obligation.   Whilst this might seem like a mammoth task, particularly for SME’s, the benefits far outweigh the effort.  Given the amount of time people spend ‘working’, a commitment towards supporting your staff wellbeing can only be a good thing.

We cover:

  • what a simple strategy could look like
  • steps towards creating an action plan
  • the cost/benefits to your organisation
  • the legal implications of doing nothing

This webinar is suitable for HR professionals, CEO’s, business owners and anyone with an interest in making staff wellbeing a priority in their organisation.

Debbie has a portfolio career as Head of HR for a local business as well as running her own company called HR School which specialises in soft skills training for people managers and executive coach-training. During her career, she has worked with a range of businesses from a variety of sectors. Debbie’s style down to earth, pragmatic and results focused. Debbie is also Co-Chair of Coaching York.

Phil  has many years experience in senior positions and HR roles and brings not only considerable expertise but also a talent for insights and pragmatic solutions. His career has been across both private and public sectors.  He is currently completing an accredited qualification in wellbeing and is passionate about support and improving health and productivity at work.


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Friday 21 May


Coaches in Conversation with Professor Bob Garvey

10:30-11:30  Book here

Are you new to Coaching York, thinking of joining, or just want a space to share your experiences of ICW 2021? Join us for great conversation hosted by our co-chair Geoff Ashton and meet our special guest, Coaching York's Patron, Professor Bob Garvey who will be sharing insights from his current research projects.


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duncan lewis

"Speak Out! How to Make an Emotional Connection in Communication" - Duncan Lewis


13:00 - 14:00  Book here


Have you ever stopped to wonder why you make a distinction between the personality you show at work and home?

Of course, you use and display different skills and attributes, but it is still you. Why do you limit what you say and demonstrate and what happens to the rest of you?

  • How authentic are you at communicating the real you?
  • If you have pitched for business and lost the contract, what feedback do you receive about you and your performance?
  • Do you always present the best version of yourself?
  • How much impact do you make at networking meetings?

To find out the answers to these questions and more you need to give yourself permission and have the confidence to Speak Out! and display more of your complete personality - your Human Element. To ensure that you make an emotional connection, you are invited to participate this thought provoking, interactive and motivational talk.

Duncan supports individuals and organisations, building and inspiring confidence in all his clients as a Communications Trainer. With extensive experience in the private, public and third sectors, Duncan works all around the UK, but predominantly with businesses and in education across Yorkshire. Eaglei offer one day training workshops sessions including: Communication and Presentation Skills, Public Speaking and Personal Impact, while Duncan also provides coaching for individuals on personal development.

Duncan augmented his knowledge base by studying an MA in Leadership and Management, graduating in 2013.  He has recently written his debut book Speak Out! donating some proceeds to The Prince’s Trust where he is a longstanding volunteer Mentor and Trainer.


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