Growing through uncertainty
9th -13th November 2020

Our week of online events to help you and your organisation move forward during COVID 19. Videos of each session will be available to purchase shortly and are free to members.

Rob Cooper

How to stand out in a crowded job market

November 10th 13.00-14.00 and 19.00-20.00

How can you stand out in a competitive job market? Rob will show you an overview of the current job market, how to create your own personal brand, how people get jobs through the advertised and ‘hidden’ market, and five key actions you can take now.

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John Gray

"Super Supervision": The coach's tool for continuous improvement

November 11th 10.30 - 11.30

Supervision is a requirement for all coaches seeking professional accreditation; and purchasers and commissioners of coaching now routinely ask for confirmation from the coach that they are supervised.  Yet above those reasons, supervision can also be one of the most powerful opportunities available for learning from practice to improve performance in the future – as well as a safe space to recharge our batteries and process the stresses work of our work.

How can we get the best from supervision? How can we avoid ‘getting in our own way’ when we show up for supervision? This session explores how supervision can work effectively, and how we can make the supervision we receive a place of real learning and growth - for the benefit of those we work with both now and in the future.

This session is aimed at anyone interested in learning and development, including coaches and those who commission coaching.

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Steve Gorton and Geoff Ashton

Leading through uncertainty


November 9th 19.00-20.00 and November 11th 13.00-14.00

Turbulence and uncertainty can find us down in the weeds repeating what no longer works as effectively as before.

It’s like being on a crowded dance floor with our view limited to the technical moves.  Rather we can get on the balcony, see the bigger picture and adapt accordingly developing our approach in a way that brings others along to be successful.

This session offers

  • a framework to assess when to choose a new approach
  • a process to explore what changes to make
  • five practical strategies to deliver that new approach to help ourselves, our teams and our organisations.

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Sean Ellis

Construct a more dynamic you


November 11th 19.00-20.00

Have you had the experience when you knew what you should have done, but it’s too late, the moment has passed?  Or perhaps you are stuck in a pattern like “people pleasing”?  Then this webinar is for you!

Using concepts from Dr Darren Stevens’ Constructed Development Theory, I will explain how by increasing your awareness of your habituated thinking styles, you can have more choice over you respond to your environment.

You’ll come away understanding:

  • Why Dynamic matters in your career or business
  • Which specific Thinking Styles (via Cognitive Intentions) have the biggest impact on your level of Dynamic Intelligence
  • How Dynamic Intelligence, and thus your self-awareness, can be measured with the Thinking Quotient™ scale from your Identity Compass® profile.

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Debbie Connors

Dealing with Uncertainty - A Generative Approach for you and your business

November 12th 13.00-14.00

This year has been like no other - the levels of change and uncertainty has challenged most of us like never before. As always, with challenge comes opportunity.  Right now we have the opportunity to grow, reinvent ourselves, our businesses and operate in new and innovative ways. In this webinar, we’ll explore and offer tips and take aways on:

  • What does it mean to be generative?
  • Tools and their generative use in crisis and uncertainty
  • How managing your mind has everything to do with developing and maintaining your resilience in times of uncertainty.


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Nigel Burchell and Geoff Ashton

The myth of the new normal - adapting to uncertainty

November 12th 19.00-20.00

How have you - as individuals and organisations -responded to the challenges of the 2020  pandemic so far? This is an opportunity to share together as we look back to what we have learned and reflect on the question: “What happens next?"

Nigel and Geoff will share their reflections and experiences from  their roles as HR and coaching professionals, and more widely - Nigel as a volunteer for the Samaritans and Geoff in his pastoral work with coaches and faith communities.

They will invite others to do likewise through a reflective discussion about the short and long term challenges we are all facing.

This will be valuable:

  • for people supporting organisations to navigate their way through the landscape of the pandemic;
  • for those engaged in individual and personal work with clients; and
  • to share good practice and to stimulate the essential creative thinking needed to navigate the continuing uncertainty of the times we find ourselves in.

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Margaret Inglesant

Inspire the Rainbow

November 10th 10.30


This session is an introduction to the RAINBOW Model which I developed and which I use in my Coaching sessions, Mentoring and Workshops, which is an  alternative to GROW, TGROW, STARR, etc

The session will last about 30-40 minutes dependant upon Q & A’s at the end.

I’ll take you through the model, how I use it and some of the questions I use.  We can then get interactive and all suggest further relevant question.

My objective is that at the end of this you will have gained another tool for your Coaching toolkit.

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Margaret Inglesant 

Zoom up your coaching conversations

November 12th 10.30-11.30


This session is about “How to use Zoom effectively in your Coaching Conversations” and will help you use the functions of Zoom more effectively. The session will last about 30-40 minutes dependant upon Q & A’s at the end.
I’ll be covering 3 areas:

  • the basics;
  • what I call the intermediary features of Zoom;
  • and I’ll also touch on Group sessions.

My objective is that at the end of this you will all have more confidence in using Zoom in your Coaching conversations and other Zoom calls that you have.

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Rob Cooper

I am Rob Cooper, Managing Director of 2B People. We are a team of 5 career specialists with over 50 years of experience in this area.

We help with CVs, Personal Branding, Linked In, understanding the job market, working with recruiters, interview skills and most importantly giving you the confidence to believe in your self and abilities to find your right job and career.

We work with organisations and individuals.

We charge a flat fee for our work and will provide you with all the support you need for as long as it takes for you to get where you want to be.



John Gray

John Gray

John Gray has 20 years’ experience as a freelance trainer, supervisor, organisational development consultant - and during the last fifteen of those years as an executive coach.

In all those years, supervision has kept him going! His interest in supervision sprang from working with people from a wide range of sectors and industries, all with the aim of helping them become even more effective leaders and managers. Based in York, and coaching nationally and internationally,

John also provides inspirational virtual opportunities for reflection and learning.



Steve Gorton picture

Steve Gorton

Steve Gorton is a Director of Coaching York and Enabling Development.  He helps people enhance the quality of their thinking; operate more strategically be that in SMEs or large corporates across the sectors through his role as an executive coach from 1996.

Additionally he has tutored MBA strategy and other subjects from that time and is particularly interested in helping people find their space to explore possibilities for growth.

In a nutshell I help people to start thinking again and bake bigger cakes.


Geoff Ashton picture

Geoff Ashton

Geoff Ashton is Director of C21coaching and Co-Chair of Coaching York. Geoff is a freelance coach specialising in personal and organisational transitions.

Geoff’s coaching philosophy is based around the co-creation, with clients, of 4 conversational spaces - spaces that are safe, creative, that generate deep new insights, and which enable people to navigate the uncertainty of transitions.

From his previous career in central government Geoff has extensive experience of working on complex national and placed-based projects which require a combination of technical and adaptive responses.


Sean Ellis picture

Sean Ellis

I am an independent business coach  with a mission to support the growth of the independent and SME sector. My purpose is to be the curious explorer forever seeking golden egg laying geese. I’m passionate about developing self-sustaining value.

I have 20+ years experience in business analysis, collaborating with managers to transform and grow their businesses, which I synthesise with my coaching skills to help business owners create self-sustaining transformation and growth within their businesses and themselves.

I have known Dr Stevens’ for some time and have been fortunate to be coached by him.  I was a participant in the exciting research that led to his development of Constructed Development Theory and have remained in close contact ever since.


Debbie Connors

Debbie Connors

Debbie Connors is trained as a Generative Coach by Robert Dilts.

Debbie works in HR and Soft Skills development.  She has her own way of dealing with uncertainty which she uses to stay grounded and maintain a sense of equilibrium, in part achieved through through personal and professional development as well as self reflective practice.


Debbie is Co-Chair of Coaching York



Nigel Burchell

Nigel brings his extensive HR expertise from his work as an Organisational and People Development Partner at Harrogate Borough Council, Workforce Development Manager at City of York Council, and experience as a project manager and professionally qualified coach.

Nigel is an Executive Committee member of Coaching York.



Margaret Inglesant

Hi I’m Margaret Inglesant and I work self employed as a Leadership & Management Coach, Mentor and Psychometric Test User.  I’m a qualified PGC Senior Practitioner in Business and Executive Coaching and Psychometric Assessor of the WAVE suite of tests.

My passion is working with individual Leaders and Managers, supporting them in developing their careers.  Working with corporate clients, I enable them to identify strengths and development needs of their teams, and support them with bespoke Coaching programmes.