As we reflect back on our fifth year of response to ICF’s invitation to celebrate coaching, it is interesting to note how our approach to this very ‘full on’ week of coaching activity has developed over the years.

Yes, we still have the range of coaching events (11 this year) around the city, some in familiar venues (York Associates, York St John University, and York Explore), some with rather grand backdrops (York Minster), some in pleasingly surprising locations (York Army Museum and the Eagle and Child!). And yes, many familiar faces from the local coaching community are very evident.

What is becoming increasingly evident however is that this is not just a one off flurry of coaching activity, it is very much ‘on the map’ as an annual event, integrating with local CPD activity, and pushing beyond the traditional beginning of May slot, with an increasing number of coaching ideas and initiatives proposed and activated throughout the year


I guess we as coaches, and organisers of this week long series of events, have gone through a similar same sort of transition as many of our coachees and clients – from initial uncertainty and unfamiliarity through growing confidence, to a point where we are comfortable and familiar with the format, structure and processes that constitute International Coaching Week. A rather pleasing recognition that organisations, as well as individuals, respond well to a coaching approach!

So, hats off to all who engaged in this year’s programme, and here’s to the next iteration of International Coaching Week, commencing 4th May 2020. Let us know what you would like to do.

Peter Lumley

Chair, Coaching York

May 2019