This group has surpassed all our expectations. Each meeting,  we leave feeling energised and positive. It allows us as professionals, to share our experiences, ask questions and think deeply. The diversity makes the group special. An environment underpinned with trust, allows us explore what it is to be a coach and business owner, finding solutions to our shared challenges.  People are open, honest and vulnerable in this small group. There’s always laughter and we don’t take ourselves too seriously.

There are 8 members of the group and we meet every 6 weeks on a Monday morning in York. It was decided to have a rotating facilitator role, so everyone shares the ownership of the group.  The agenda is decided and off we go! Any matters we don’t get through can be taken forward to another meeting, where the agenda will be agreed at the start. We have kept it simple, informal and non-hierarchical.

Topics we have covered include:

  • Coaching friends
  • Top tips for best self reflection
  • How do I get more work?
  • Coaching across cultures
  • Evaluation with clients
  • Coaching and money
  • What do people think coaching is?
  • Marketing what I offer

If there are other coaches that resonate and want to set up their own Peer Support Group, then we would encourage you to do so. Our meetings are fun and engaging, so we hope yours will be too. If you want any more details, then do get in touch.

Sarah Nicholson