We’re developing a group coaching offer with a difference. This is coaching for leaders who want to bring sustainable change to their city and its people, working beyond their organisational and sector boundaries to engage their wider communities.

“People use different language to describe their challenges but you’ll hear phrases like place-based or adaptive and whole system change,” says CY’s Joanne Rule.  “Coaching makes sense here because the only way to meet these challenges is to experiment and learn your way towards change – there is no blueprint.”

Participants can be from different organisations and sectors who have nothing in common except that they each want to bring change to York. Or they can be from different organisations and sectors who choose to work together towards a shared objective.

This offer is designed for:

  • People working to build and strengthen environment and infrastructure
  • People working in arts and culture
  • Corporate social value leads and business leaders who want community impact
  • Social entrepreneurs
  • Community and health leaders

Group coaching will enable participants to see their city in a different way and become more confident as they meet their goals,” says CY Chair, Peter Lumley. “In this way, they really can become a community of influence and high impact change,” says CY Chair, Peter Lumley.

Contact Coaching York for more information.