International Coaching Week 2020

Every May, Coaching York celebrates International Coaching Week (ICW) both as an opportunity to enhance coaching skills and reflect on practice, as well as highlighting what we do across the city.

This is now our sixth year of running a varied programme of events. The format is a little different, with all events happening virtually, however the content is as thought-provoking and conversation-stimulating as ever.

Events are also run outside of ICW. Member coaches are always welcome to propose new events and people with an interest in coaching are welcome to register to attend.

Please check out our programme – in the link below – of online events being put on by members, now updated for our second week, week commencing 11 May

2020 – ICW week 2 – At a glance [1438]

This gives you details of each event and links to log in. Alternatively, you may use the calendar at the bottom of this page to access the same information.


“There is a richness of education and professional development for coaches here in York. Through our events diary, we make it visible at a glance.  We also encourage more coaches to lead events or join the education group”   Catherine Adamson, CY CPD group  

Events Diary

Update and online meeting Thursday August 13th 2020  Two choices @ Online
Aug 13 all-day
Coaching York – Update and online meeting Thursday August 13th 2020  1330 or 1930 options Hello everyone and thank you again for being a Coaching York subscriber. Join us online on August 13th as we support each other through the Covid-19 crisis As part of more regular engagement following the success of ICW we are offering an online opportunity to share thinking and to help generate forward plans and ideas as we support each other through the continuing challenges of the pandemic. We know from conversations with colleagues how challenging this current period is for all of us, and for our clients, our families, friends and neighbours.  So this is a tremendous opportunity to draw on our collective expertise and experience in managing personal change, developing personal resilience, and turning challenges into opportunities. Member meeting August 13th  – How’s business? We’ll give you a brief overview of some of what Coaching York is up to at the moment before giving you the option of a more in-depth conversation in a virtual break-out room to explore the following themes: If you’re working within an organisation as an employee
  • How have you adapted your approach to coaching during the pandemic?
  • How has the focus of your coaching changed?
  • What new skills have you developed or enhanced?
If you are freelance or running a coaching business
  • What opportunities are emerging?
  • What good practice can we share around marketing?
  • And how could you leverage the Coaching York commercial offer to develop new leads and prospects?
Bringing it all together
  • We would like to round up the conversation by sharing our responses to the following coaching questions:
  • How has the lock down experience been for you?
  • How are you adapting to your world of work now easements are in place?
  • How do you think you will respond if restrictions are reimposed?
Please sign up on Eventbrite by 12:00 on 13 August 2020    There are two time slots: 1330:     OR         1930: We will send a Zoom link from around 24 hours ahead of the session See you soon We’re looking forward to seeing you on Thursday 13 August 2020. Coaching York