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Coaching York


Coaching York promotes a range and depth of educational and development opportunities for coaches and coaches-in-training, across the city.

We also run conferences and workshops for anyone with an interest in the difference that coaching can make to their organisations, together with more informal networking for members.

As a community of coaches, we encourage members to suggest and facilitate wider professional development – from regular events to one-off discussions. We also facilitate regular networking evenings, enabling coaches to get to know each other, foster collaboration and have the opportunity to discuss topical coaching subjects.

Every May, Coaching York celebrates International Coaching Week both as an opportunity to enhance coaching skills and reflect on practice, as well as highlighting what we do across the city.

“There is a richness of education and professional development for coaches here in York. Through our events diary, we make it visible at a glance.  We also encourage more coaches to lead events or join the education group”   

Catherine Adamson, CY CPD group  

Events Diary

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