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Members of Coaching York form a community of coaches - and coaching enthusiasts - who support each other and serve our community in a host of ways. Our focus is on building connections, supporting personal development, and helping release potential in ourselves and those we work with.

We are a fun and generous team who connect and share through a variety of formal and much less formal events, professional development opportunities and social media. We are an inclusive organisation, so please do join us

Individual summary biography details of our members can be found below.

As a social enterprise, we have an Executive Committee who work with members to run and set the direction of the organisation.

Geoff Ashton
Pam Wells
Peter Lumley
Peter Zoeftig
Rob Cooper
Shirley Collier
Joanne Rule
c adamson
Diane Benson
Hugo Welsh
Chris Lazenby
Margaret Inglesant
Terry Morden

"Being a member of CY comes with both interesting opportunities to contribute and the responsibility to play a part in helping with local community development. I value occasions to meet with like-minded people. Knowing that there is a ‘local tribe’ you can belong to certainly makes a difference."

Dr Ira Laketic-Ljubojevic from I Realised Coaching and Consulting Ltd